Emblematic Reinvestment

There are garments, accessories, that over the years acquire such a significance that they come to life by themselves. Such is the case with the Chanel flagship bags. Unique, original but also practical and versatile, they have conquered the world of fashion by becoming star stars in their own history. And this season is no exception. Seen for the first time on the runway of the Ready to Wear Autumn Winter collection, and created by Karl Lagerfeld and Virginie Viard, Chanel presents a new bag: the Chanel 19. An important number for the house, an echo of famous creations, but also one year of birth. Chanel 19, a baptismal name that pays tribute to its elder, the 2.55 bag created in February 1955 by Mademoiselle Chanel. The Chanel 19 Bag carries the essence of the house and all its codes. Available in three sizes, this magnificent accessory, if it could be called that, with a rectangular flap, is covered with a large diamond quilting in leather or tweed. A metal chain intertwined with leather comes in a trio of finishes, its links successively transitioning from silver to aged gold and ruthenium. It also presents another recognition code: the double C closure, in XL format on all designs.

El Bolso Chanel 19 lleva la esencia de la casa y todos sus códigos. Disponible en tres tamaños, este magnífico accesorio, si así podría llamarse, con solapa rectangular, se encuentra cubierto con un gran acolchado de diamantes en cuero o tweed. Una cadena de metal entrelazada con cuero viene en un trío de acabados, sus eslabones pasan sucesivamente de plata a oro envejecido y rutenio. También presenta otro código de reconocimiento: el cierre doble C, en formato XL en todos los diseños.

Respecto a sus formas, el Chanel 19 adopta una actitud decididamente moderna y flexible: la longitud de su cadena significa que se puede usar de dos maneras: recta o cruzada. También hay una gran cadena de bordillo en metal dorado que se sostiene en la mano. Una versión permite que el Chanel 19 se use alrededor de la cintura. Un sentido práctico en el espíritu puro de Chanel: natural, elegante y funcional, apropiado según los movimientos de cada cliente.

When it comes to its forms, the Chanel 19 takes a decidedly modern and flexible attitude: the length of its chain means that it can be worn in two ways: straight or crossed. There is also a large gold metal curb chain that is held in the hand. One version allows the Chanel 19 to be worn around the waist. A practical sense in the pure spirit of Chanel: natural, elegant and functional, appropriate according to the movements of each client. Another novelty for this new launch is its colors: the Chanel 19 Bag, in addition to its typical leather colors such as black, beige and white, acquires the dominant colors of the next Autumn Winter Ready to Wear season; such as turquoise blue, green, deep red and deep pink, while tweed comes in eight variations to match the silhouettes in the collection.

Delicate, subtle and distinctive, the Chanel 19 Bag weaves a true link between the past, the present and the future. Immediately identifiable but without ostentation, rich in detail with masculine feminine accents, multiple ways of wearing, it is instantly seductive thanks to a sophisticated and relaxed charm. The obvious way of carrying it, combined with its elegant, practical and comfortable line, make it your daily companion. An ally to be taken everywhere, which gives us that security of knowing that it will never disappoint us.


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