Happy Hearts

Choppard’s Happy Hearts collection launched beautiful creations for women with a big heart. Symbol of tenderness, mischievous, generous, cultured and joyful, the heart awakens the most beautiful images. That is why it was chosen by the Chopard House to transmit the values ​​of gratitude and emotional complicity that women awaken.

The person in charge of the collection is Caroline Scheufele, who since 1980 has had an active role in the company. Chopard Co-Chairman and Artistic Director, she is responsible for women’s watches, but also for jewelry. From the high-end jewelry department, Caroline is the one who designs and chooses every detail of the precious collections. It is also responsible for the use of ethical gold and sustainable production. Caroline’s idea for Happy Hearts is for jewelry to be talismans that accompany women in everyday life and at large events. That is why each piece is inspired by big-hearted, generous women and heroines of everyday life. This delicate collection has become an icon: The classic corsages of hearts to wear on the neck have colored pieces equipped with moving diamonds.

On this occasion, Chopard developed new earrings and pendants made of ethical 18-carat gold, which also feature mother-of-pearl, onyx, diamonds, malachite and red stone. On them are gracefully arranged, like a bouquet, hearts of mother of pearl, malachite or pavé diamonds in different sizes. The inevitable motif that symbolizes the House of Chopard and that in 1976 gave rise to the concept of Happy Diamonds is a small heart with a mobile diamond between two sapphire crystals. The pendants dance and with their movement evoke the beating of the woman’s heart. They symbolize your joie de vivre, your generosity and your emotions.

This charming piece of jewelry has been created in two sizes that can be used in elegant cocktails, but also during the day. The collection also features two heart earrings. Entirely made in 18-carat white or pink gold, the hearts are linked in a joyous twosome. The heart whose center has a mobile diamond rests on the earlobe, while the second largest, set with diamonds, mother-of-pearl, onyx, malachite or with a red stone, is placed under the ear. A subtle gold bar hidden behind the earlobe connects the hearts, creating the visual effect that the lower heart is floating. Furthermore, this versatile piece allows women to use the movable diamond part on its own.

In this way, the ring becomes two in one and summarizes the spirit that the collection carries: luxurious but light; colorful and discreet; true to style. Happy Hearts also features the classic heart bracelets in all their gold, mother-of-pearl, onyx, diamonds, malachite and red stone variants. Delicate sparkling heart necklaces and heart watches are other delightful pieces that every woman would want to wear.