Timeless Femininity

Each perfume has its presence, its personality, an endless number of colors and notes that make up a particular aroma. However, few fragrances have managed to leave a mark, but above all, remain from generation to generation.

An abstract floral bouquet composed around May rose and jasmine, illuminated with citrus top notes and the soft touch of bourbon vanilla make up the Chanel N ° 5; the world’s most timeless fragrance that celebrates its pride of place, wearing red in honor of Gabrielle Chanel’s favorite color.

Un ramo floral abstracto compuesto alrededor de mayo rosa y jazmín, iluminado con notas altas cítricas y el suave toque de vainilla bourbon componen el Chanel N°5; la fragancia más eterna del mundo que celebra su lugar de privilegio, vistiéndose de rojo en honor al color favorito de Gabrielle Chanel.

Designed in 1921, and adapted in 1924 around the geometric and transparent simplicity of a rectangular bottle and a faceted stopper, the legendary Chanel N ° 5 bottle has a radical architecture that has made it an aesthetic manifesto of modernity. The icon can describe the timeless Chanel N° 5 fragrance. A unique, unmatched perfume that celebrates its history in a new glass or crystal dress with carmine reflections, revealing a new facet of the archetype of feminine perfume.


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