Passionate about Art

Art is a very recurring theme in Related Group developments, thanks to the personal passion that its Founder and CEO, Jorge Perez, has for it. He is one of the most important collectors and promoters of art. A few years ago, and after a donation of more than forty million dollars between works of art and cash, he remodeled and reopened the Miami Art Museum, which currently bears the name of Perez Art Museum Miami – PAMM. The building, measuring more than eleven hectares, in the heart of Miami and facing Biscayne Bay, has been designed by the prestigious Swiss architects Herzog & De Meuron.

The founder, resident and CEO of Related Group, tells us about his relationship with art.

How did your interest in art begin?

I have always liked art. I started by collecting works by artists like Miró and Kandinsky that in other times were very cheap, and when I settled in New York I became a regular visitor to museums like the Moma and the Metropolitan, which further stimulated my passion. With the little money I had then, I started to make my first acquisitions of contemporary art. At that time, I was not considering creating a collection but simply surrounding myself with things that I liked.

Do you think about investment when buying art?

No, it is not an aspect that worries me, although of course everyone likes that their acquisitions are appreciated. But the revaluation that I seek is not economic, but personal. I have never sold any of my works so if the price goes up or down I am not worried, since my collection will not be sold, but will go to a Museum. What I do care about is that the consideration of the artists in my collection increases, so the gift I give to the Museum is even more valuable.

What was your motivation for donating USD 40 million to the Museum that now bears your name?
For me, it was essential that Miami become a serious city, that it have a great museum. That donation was only the first, every year I give them large sums of money in addition to acquisitions.

How do you transfer this passion for art to your projects?
Art is essential to me. I have tried to get all the artists that I admire involved in our projects. An artist who is a great friend of mine and from whom I have bought a lot because I love it, Fernando Botero, has also been involved. I try to promote art because I believe that it should be part of everyone’s life.